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“Trust the process of  letting go, leave the results to chance. A magical thing happens in this process of surrender… we let go of ourselves, our ideas and our plans, just enough to have a capacity to receive God’s grace.” ~TaffiTalk

Be REAL, Even When It Really Hurts!

20180621_085858I have come to realize that this negative self-talk has paralyzed me for far too long. This is how most of us settle into a mediocre life. Our environment, the people and situations that shape our perception and our life choices make up the voice in our heads. We all present this “stage character”, this version of ourselves that we’re comfortable with the rest of the world seeing. You know; that phony smile, that less than honest reply we give everyone…. “I am fine or I’m OK.” , then stuffing our authentic selves away somewhere, never letting our true voice be expressed. The end result could be loosing yourself to the status quo. No one likes an imitation- Be REAL, even when it really hurts! Being genuine allows our beauty to spill over and touch everyone and everything we encounter. It affirms that who we are, in any given moment… truly is enough!

9.24.15 The Gift of the Present

It is so hard at times to “Be in the Moment”…especially the moments that don’t feel so good.  After many failed attempts of me trying to meet my (unrealistic) daily To-Do lists and trying to be all things to all those people that matter in my life… I have lately been just consciously practicing being right where my hands are!

Life happens without any premeditated expectation from me and you know what I began to realize? That, “Everything, absolutely everything is exactly as it should be in EVERY moment!”  That whatever is happening must be God’s plan for that moment; regardless if I like it or not. The problem with me and I’m sure many other people too…is that idea of what I think it should be! It’s in these very moments I have learned what surrender is. It’s funny that this thing called surrender;  that I once perceived as weak, utter defeat, throwing in the towel has become my resting place. It is where I fully give up this false sense of control I have

So, in any given moment I attempt to give myself to what I am doing fully…  I truly believe that the “Present” is a divine gift from my creator.  I find it hard to remember that in life’s daily grind, daily routine.

Surrender to the Moment and Whatever it May Hold for You

Don’t Take The Bait

“It’s not so much what goes on in my day that I struggle with, it’s more how I perceive what goes on in my day! My own thoughts can be the bait; especially when I am overly sensitive, frustrated or feel threatened in any way. Everything in life is a process of: Awareness – Acceptance – Action…Life simply happens without my permission… So, my days are much more pleasant when I practice an attitude of gratitude even in the midst of mental chaos.” ~Taffitalk :o)
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My Thoughts on The Invitation by Taffi

I am here to spread love to this world with each person I encounter, my dreams of meeting my hearts longing;  take shape in those who love open-handedly; rather than holding others hostage with a clinched fist!

I am learning to sing in delight at the things that bring me bliss & accept joy into my spirit for, my human form still tells me, I’m not worthy.

Taking risks, looking foolish for love can by-no-means quantify the depth and vulnerability that I’ve found necessary to be authentically real & love out-loud, to chase my dreams unapologetically; and to knock down walls, even my own… to create heaven-on-earth for those I love!

I have dwelled for far too long in my own regret, been split wide open from life’s duplicity and I sometimes still shrink at the thought of, “More Pain?”.

But I have had to practice giving myself to that pain in-order to master it, so no real need to dress it up pretty, keep it a dirty little secret, or pass it off as something else entirely.

I Simply Own It – To Grow from It!